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Big Boots - Saturday – Elizabeth Harvie field (Bearsted)

We are super excited to announce that we will be running a Saturday morning session for Tots aged 3-4 years.

⚽️ Price - £8 per session - Pay as you play ⚽️

⚽️ Location - Elizabeth Harvie field, Bearsted ⚽️

⚽️ Time - Big Boots 9am ⚽️

⚽️ Day - Saturdays ⚽️

⚽️ Age - Big Boots (3-4 years) ⚽️

Please note, we do not offer a free taster session for our Pay Weekly Sessions as these are weekly bookings only.

The booking form below is to register your details on our system. To attend a session, you will need to make a weekly booking via our weekly booking system which is sent to you on a weekly basis via email/text message.


To register your details, fill out the contact form below

Please complete both Parent and Child’s details

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