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Home Sessions  (Mini-Soccer)

Footy for Tots brings you our very own ‘Home Session’ for children 4 years +


We have designed a session that can be done indoors or outside in a small space or big space depending on what you have available.


Each session focuses on ball manipulation skills and we learn a new skill each session.

Our ‘Home Sessions’ will defiantly keep your budding football star busy and offer them a good work out with lots of repetition and practice time while they’re unable to do so with their team.

Each session will be sent out on a weekly basis while we are all self isolating. All you need to do is simply download the video and play at your leisure. (If social distancing measures are lifted you will receive your remaining sessions in bulk).


All you need to participate in the sessions is; a football, 4 cones (2 different colours) or if you don’t have cones, any 4 objects to replace cones & lots of energy!


Our sessions are priced at £10 per session or we’re offering a 4 session bundle package for £30.


Purchase your sessions below.

1 Session

You will be sent a session at random from our libary of 12 sessions

4 Sessions

You will be sent 1 session at random from our libary of 12 sessions for the next 4 weeks

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